Broadband Plus

Broadband Plus2018-04-30T15:11:28+01:00
What is broadband plus?2018-04-30T13:22:11+01:00

It is a service available to businesses and organisations that rely on their broadband and would need any faults attended to quickly. It is best for organisations that would have serious issues if there was a problem with their broadband.

If you have got broadband plus, any faults you tell us about will be fast tracked. Broadband Plus provides you with an enhanced service including free standard router replacement and engineering visits to the value of £250 per annum.

Should you experience an issue with your broadband, expert help will be on hand from one of our dedicated technical engineers, who will work with you to identify the issue and to help restore your broadband as quickly as possible. Where appropriate, this will include an on-site visit from a Dataphone engineer.

When will it be available?2018-04-30T13:22:31+01:00

We are launching this new service on the 1st May 2018.

Can I subscribe to this enhanced service?2018-04-30T13:22:37+01:00

All Dataphone broadband customers have the option to benefit from this service. This service will automatically be applied unless you request to opt out and you will be offered the first month free of charge.

How much will it cost?2018-04-30T13:22:43+01:00

It costs £3.99 a month (plus VAT). It will be shown separately on your monthly bill.

How do I opt out or back in?2018-04-30T13:22:49+01:00

You will have the option to opt out at any time during the free first month plus the chargeable second month and will receive a credit to the beginning of the second month.

Thereafter the service may be activated or removed with 14 days’ notice by contacting our OneBill Team by email to

“It has been a great pleasure to have dealt with Dataphone for over 25 years.

Although the industry has changed  the ongoing commitment from both Oak and Dataphone to provide good solutions to our mutual customers has continued to be a bedrock of our relationship.”

James Emm, CEO, Oak

“Engineer was friendly, approachable, patient- all round lovely guy.”

Anne De Vechio

“Lease UK has enjoyed an excellent business relationship with Dataphone Communications for many years & the quality of their leasing portfolio is very good. More importantly, Dataphone have always conducted itself with the utmost integrity which means that their customers are always assured of agreements that best suit their requirements.”

John O'Reilly - Managing Director, Lease UK

“Dataphone are without doubt one of our most experienced and respected business partners. Over 20  years’ expertise in selling and supporting NEC products enables Dataphone to stand aside from their competitors.

Their commitment to providing NEC technology to countless businesses over this impressive duration means we would have no hesitation in recommending them as a partner of choice for any businesses communication requirements.”

Andrew Cooper - Sales Director (UK & Ireland), NEC ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS | NEC UK Ltd