BT has set a date of the end of 2025 to switch off ISDN services from its telephone network.

BT are set to no longer accept new ISDN orders from September 2023. This means that businesses and organisations have 7 years to look for an alternative solution. Fortunately, we have a range of affordable solutions available.  Dataphone have been supplying VoIP services for over 10 years which means we have extensive experience with implementing successful solutions for your organisation.

Why is BT Switching to IP?

BT introduced ISDN in 1986 and over the last 30 years technology has evolved to provide the viable alternative of VoIP over superfast fibre internet and ethernet services.

The 2 Main Types of VoIP Telephony

Hosted VoIP
This is a Cloud based solution delivering fixed cost business telephony with added functionality and reduced call costs. Each user has their own line and calls are routed over the internet. With Hosted VoIP there are no additional maintenance charges.

SIP Trunks
Effectively, ISDN over the Internet, which can connect to on-premise telephone systems but route your telephone calls using SIP trunks rather than ISDN Channels.  This type of IP Telephony can prove more cost effective than Hosted VoIP around 50% of the time. Your existing Dataphone system may well be capable of connecting SIP trunks.

Migrating to Hosted VoIP or SIP
Your existing telephone numbers can be ported and retained making you free from geographical constraints.

Top 6 Benefits of SIP and VoIP

  1. Cost Savings – trunk and call bundles will reduce costs.
  2. Flexibility – move anywhere in the UK and simply plug back into the internet with no need to change telephone numbers.
  3. Advanced features –  your organization can unlock the benefits of an IP-based communications suite that includes mobility, instant messaging, collaboration apps, and other flexible, cloud-based tools for boosting both business and individual productivity.
  4. Simple Management – SIP trunking and VoIP phones offer easy-to-use administrative portals for on-site management, including actions like adjusting call routing, changing extensions, or adding phone lines fully on-demand.
  5. Resilience and Disaster Recovery – multiple internet access connections can be installed providing automatic failover, so you will be always connected. Access a portal on your mobile to activate a pre-defined plan when faced with a DR scenario. Re-route calls to staff mobiles or home numbers if they can’t get in to the office on a snow day.
  6. Faster installation – SIP Trunks and Hosted telephones can be quickly and easily increased or decreased in line with your requirements.


To find out more about switching to VoIP or SIP, please get in touch to discuss which option is most suitable for your requirement.

“It has been a great pleasure to have dealt with Dataphone for over 25 years.

Although the industry has changed  the ongoing commitment from both Oak and Dataphone to provide good solutions to our mutual customers has continued to be a bedrock of our relationship.”

James Emm, CEO, Oak

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Anne De Vechio

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Their commitment to providing NEC technology to countless businesses over this impressive duration means we would have no hesitation in recommending them as a partner of choice for any businesses communication requirements.”

Andrew Cooper - Sales Director (UK & Ireland), NEC ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS | NEC UK Ltd