Store all of your fixed line, mobile and VoIP recordings in one place.

With unified software and products, we ensure that all the calls your company makes are archived for future use.

Easily searchable and industry compliant, give your customers the best possible service and your staff the best possible training!


The award-winning,
call-recording total solution.

ReTell systems do everything from analyse to archive your voice recordings.


A powerful and innovative communications management system which puts your business first.

Dataphone Network Based

Avoid the hassle of an onsite call recording server with our unlimited Carrier Class storage.

The Benefits Of Our Call Recording Systems:

All of our call recording applications can be:

  • Run on specially designed servers
  • Designed for Standard Industry Servers
  • Run on Virtual Machines (VMware)
  • Set to record analogue, ISDN, VoIP and SIP signalling
  • Based on line, extension or port based installations

We’ve made it as simple as possible to get setup. With a wide range of technical solutions to fit in with all budgets, our ‘pay as you use’ options are designed around you.

Everything is network based, which means no installation issues or hardware on site.

Example Of Our Call Recording System (Screenshot)