There are lots of reasons you would enjoy working with us – here are just a few:

We’re a company with principles

Dataphone is unique in UK telecoms. Staying independent has enabled us to remain true to our core values. We believe in looking after both our staff and our clients. It’s why more than 50% of our people have been with Dataphone for more than 10 years (as have hundreds of our customers).

Feel involved and appreciated

Our vibrant, dynamic workplace encourages initiative and responsibility, with opportunities to learn new skills as well as to express your personality and entrepreneurial spirit.

We strive for excellence and encourage work-life balance

You’ll be in a passionate and considerate working environment – we’ll expect you to work hard, but we want you to enjoy your career here too. We believe in a healthy balance between life at work and outside it. We understand the importance of family and social life, so we make our working arrangements as flexible as we can. This means you have more time for your personal life when you need it and more time for your work when it needs it.

Dataphone Spirit

Our success is based on the talent of our people, working together to deliver high standards of technical excellence and quality of service. You’ll be part of a welcoming, close-knit group. One of the things new-starters often say about their first few months at Dataphone is: “I had never worked in a Company before where everyone was so helpful and friendly”

Many of the team socialise outside of work, and our company also holds several sponsored social events throughout the year.

It is the Dataphone spirit, to support and enable our staff to do the best work they are capable of in the best working environment possible.

As a service-driven organisation, we value the importance of having the right people in the right job, making those jobs enriching and effective, and making sure our staff and colleagues are well trained and happy in their work.

Looking to the next generation, we offer various opportunities for interns or trainees to work in an established Company and exciting business sector.

Want to work with us? Here’s what to do:

Case Studies

We have a large customer base and work with companies from many sectors. Whether we are helping a small start up company, a government department or a multi-site organisation, we provide suitable telecom solutions.

Read our cases studies to discover precisely how we helped our clients…