Consumer Focus is a company that now incorporates the services of Postwatch, Energywatch and the National Consumer Council, which were previously run as separate organisations. As such, they needed a telecom system that could accommodate this. They also required a practical and easy-to-manage call centre solution, UK-wide maintenance and support service, cost-efficient and tailored network solutions for seamless call routing, and dedicated account and project management.

Dataphone’s Solution 

Postwatch and Energywatch invested in 13 siemens telephone systems, which Dataphone installed and now maintained across all of their branches. Our accurate and meticulous planning ensured that each system was installed on schedule, provided the right amount of functionality and was within budget. We provided high levels of user training to ensure that the calls they received were handled effectively. This also gave us the opportunity to teach staff about the additional features of the systems, which would make their lives a whole lot easier.

Dataphone provided Consumer Focus with call centre solutions that had real time management information software (MIS) to help them monitor call volumes and assess staff productivity. As a result Postwatch and Energywatch were able to deliver the excellent levels of customer service they needed. By combining new hardware with the old systems, and using advanced technology to run both, we were able to deliver this project cost effectively for their sizeable workforce.

“Thoughtfully implemented and appropriate systems which satisfied our telecom needs”
-David Cribb 2001

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans 

Our systems proved to be a sustainable solution that delivered real value through low ownership and running costs. Our competitively priced and flexible network service solution meant Postwatch and Energy watch benefited from reduced call and line rental charges. Our centralised billing facility significantly reduced the time spent collating and managing telephone accounts for regional offices and home-based staff.