While you may know us as a telecoms provider to businesses, you may not be aware that Dataphone supplies phone systems to over 600 UK schools. These packages often go beyond the traditional communication systems to include special features that enhance the school’s security and, therefore, the wellbeing of pupils.

Taking this a step further, we are proud to be involved in activities that directly help, protect and benefit children. Most recently, we have co-funded a new programme to train up a cohort of 20 teachers across 20 schools in Havering as ‘Mental Health Champions.

The scheme is being run in partnership with Place2Be, the UK’s leading mental health charity. Each school has put forward a teacher to represent them on the training course, which is taking place over this year’s summer and autumn terms. These ‘Mental Health Champions’ will be upskilled and equipped to support children’s emotional wellbeing in their professional practice. They will gain enhanced capacity to understand, manage and improve pupils’ attitudes to learning. More importantly, these ‘Champions’ will be well placed to share ideas, effective practices and resources with other teaching and non-teaching staff at their respective schools.

We value the strong working partnership we have established within the education community and we are thrilled to be helping to provide schools with this opportunity.

The London Borough of Havering has recognised us as “a socially responsible company that wants to invest in the improvement of wellbeing of children and young people.” To say thank you, they’ve promoted our brand through their newsletter, which reaches over 3000 school staff. We’re delighted to know that Dataphone is providing positive benefits to children and young people in more ways than one!

You can read more about the project here, and find out how we help to keep school staff and pupils safer via lockdown-enabled telecom systems here.