Dataphone have been supporting thousands of customers with their telecoms for 28 years, and over the years our clients have experienced a wide range of business interruptions and disasters.  The vast majority of businesses in the UK depend on their ability to stay connected.

Your business may suffer problems such as a simple line fault, a power outage, internet failure, lightning strike, storms, flooding or fire. Companies rarely consider the impact to their organisation, but in this era of high customer service expectations, it is vital to retain the confidence of your clients, with a variety of plans for DR scenarios so that your client experience is maintained despite business interruptions. With a Dataphone DR solution, your company can protect itself from lost business and revenue.

Historically, you would contact your line provider, and they would request a BT divert, which joins an automated queue and can take up to 8 working hours to both apply and remove once service has been restored. Calls are normally diverted to a single analogue line (or a single mobile).

Dataphone offer a range of DR plans to suit a variety of organisations.  Your calls can be routed to any desired location and can benefit from having additional auto attendant and voicemail options to ensure you stay in touch.

Our plans can include the following: 

  • Automatic Failover – your phone calls are redirected without any intervention. This plan has recently been implemented for a major plant hire organisation whose business revenues are directly affected in the event of disruption to their sales lines.
  • Password Failover – enables inbound calls to be redirected to predefined destination, based upon the password protected request.  This service is only available for ISDN30 customers and usually takes less than 10 minutes to implement.
  • Multiple Voice Connections on different networks – allows for calls to automatically failover from a faulty connection to an alternative circuit so the client experience is unaffected.
  • Connect DR – A cost effective solution for any size of business to allow inbound calls to route to groups of mobile phones via a cloud based auto-attendant with the option for the client to administer the set-up and re-organisation of the mobile groups.

Whilst we may believe that such problems only occur for other businesses, Dataphone ironically suffered a flood in 2016, which had zero impact on the service to our clients as a result of our own DR plan! (to see our news story click here)

Don’t be caught out.

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