What is Hosted for Schools?

Our Hosted for Schools service utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP allows you to use your phones to make calls over the network and the internet instead of via traditional analogue services.

A Hosted service can offer everything you typically get from your phone system and much, much more.

Key Benefits To Your School

• FREE Calls. To UK Local, National and Mobile destinations.
• No line rental.
• Low cost call recording options.
• Time-saving click to dial functionality.
• User-friendly administration website.
• Easily scalable system.
• Maintenance contract not required.
• Online access to billing info and performance reports.
• Online fax to email service.

How Is Connect Set Up?

Once you’ve decided on the handsets you want, sit back and they’ll arrive at your school pre-configured and ready for use. Installation onsite is handled either by your technicians or our engineers.

The school’s administrator can add new phones onto the system and configure features via our easy-to-use management website.

Why Dataphone Connect