What is the number one priority for any school? Its pupils. Whatever your role in your school, you are responsible in some way for the pupils. The weight of this responsibility is immense, and the pressure never lets up. So you need reliable systems and resources in place to help you to deliver. That’s where your suppliers come in.

Are your current suppliers supporting you in your mission to improve life chances for pupils? Here are three ways changing your telecoms supplier could have a positive impact on teaching and learning in your school.

1. Transparent billing and fixed pricing

Have you ever paid more for your telecoms than you were expecting to? School business planning and budgeting is so much easier when you know in advance how much your outgoings will be. Knowing exactly what your phone bill will be could free up more budget to spend where it really counts – the pupils. What would you buy if you had more to spend on teaching and learning?

Find a telecoms company that can offer completely fixed pricing. If your provider says all calls are included, does that include calls to mobiles? If you’re having new lines installed, is the cost of maintenance included? And, in case you should fall prey to a phone hacking scam, does your chosen provider offer fraud prevention?

2. Improved pupil safety

When it comes to pupil safety, how fit-for-purpose is your current phone system? If staff need to call out from their classrooms in an emergency, how easily can they do so? In order to be truly effective in the classroom, teachers need to feel that they are in control, and having the right telecoms solution in place could make all the difference.

Do the staff at your school often teach on a one-to-one basis? How well does your current telecoms solution cater for this? If you’re having a new system installed, ask if it can page groups of phones instantly so that staff and pupils are always connected to the rest of the school.

This gives teaching staff the peace of mind they need in order to get on and do what they do best – teaching. Plus, less time spent looking for pupils in classrooms will mean increased capacity for support staff.

An outside weatherproof tannoy system could also help to ensure pupils’ safety at all times, enabling teachers and pupils to hear important messages wherever they are on the school grounds. A good tannoy system will make everyday procedures like fire drills run more efficiently, meaning no precious teaching and learning time gets wasted.

3. Improved communication

How effectively does your school communicate with parents? Are parents able to get through quickly when they call in? Building positive relationships with parents is key to the success of a school. It takes time, and parents being unable to get through or kept on hold won’t help.

Simply having additional lines installed could make communication so much easier – no more frustrated parents waiting to get through to reception, and no more teachers waiting to make calls out. Additional extensions in classrooms so that teachers can be easily reached will further improve communication and help parents feel more connected to the school.

A user-friendly voicemail system for when teachers can’t be reached will also help to ensure that there is no missed communication. Better communication leads to stronger parental engagement, and in turn this will have a positive impact on pupil outcomes.

At Dataphone, we understand that each school is unique, and we pride ourselves on giving a bespoke service to each school. If you would like more information on how we could help you to improve communication and cut costs, then get in touch with Dataphone. A member of our team will gladly talk you through the various options and help you to make the best decision for your school.