How much easier would your school’s budgeting be if you knew in advance how much your phone bill was going to be for the year?

At Dataphone, we know how important it is for schools be able to plan ahead for the year and to know what their outgoings are going to be. School business planning and and budgeting is so much easier when you are dealing with fixed prices. 

But when it comes to utility bills, especially your phone bill, it can be hard to predict exactly how much you’ll spend, and you can end up with much higher bill than you were expecting. A surprisingly high telecoms bill can cut your operating budget and, ultimately, reduce the opportunities you can provide for pupils in your school.

Does this sound familiar? Good news – Dataphone has a solution!

With FixedPrice from Dataphone, you know exactly what you’re going to be spending on maintenance, line rental and calls. Even better, our FixedPrice packages include fraud prevention – protecting your school from phone hacking scams, which are the other source of bill shock.  

An easier life with FixedPrice

The last thing that any school needs to worry about is the cost of its telecoms bill. That’s why our customers love our great prices, fixed costs and friendly service. Just look at what some of our customers have said about us: 

“Friendly, money-saving service.” Chilton Community Primary School

“Clear pricing and an easy and simple process from friendly staff.” Down Hall Primary School

School Business Managers love our FixedPrice because they can see straight away how much they will be spending on telecoms each month. Your FixedPrice package will include: 

  • Line rental
  • Telephone calls
  • Telephone System Support
  • Fraud Prevention
  • No payment processing fee

Why not get in touch with one of our telecoms experts today to find out how much you could save? We can even give you an on-site cost comparison so that you can compare our prices with your current provider.