OneBill Fraud Protection

We wanted to make the businesses on Hainault Business Park aware of the very real risks presented by phone fraud and to provide a means of protection against it.  This January two of our customers (a school and a law firm) were independently targeted and suffered financial losses due to phone fraudsters.

Hacking is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and is growing at a rate of 15% a year. The global cost of Dial Through Fraud is higher than credit card crime and the UK is the third most targeted country in the world with an estimated £1.7bn stolen.

However, unlike credit card fraud (where the bank usually covers the loss), Dial Through Fraud is the responsibility of the user of the phone lines and telephone services.  Regardless of whether you have analogue, digital or IP phones, fraudsters can hack in and gain access in seconds, using advanced software to crack passwords and bypass firewalls.  Once the system has been accessed, fraudulent calls can be made to any location in the world, often using international premium rate numbers. One customer experienced fraud after crooks physically hijacked his lines by getting into the BT box in the street outside of his offices! These stolen calls may not become apparent until you receive your next telephone bill and could amount to thousands of pounds!

Please see the link below for further information. It relates to a recent article on Radio 4’s “You and Yours” describing the experiences of a small Company in Bath who were hacked for approximately £15,000 over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Please also see further details on the police action fraud link below:

The Solution

One Bill Fraud Protection is an innovative service which Dataphone have created to safeguard you against unexpected costs, using a variety of control systems we have developed over a number of years. The measures we have devised, provide the following protection:

  • Pro-active call restrictions.
  • Pro-active fraud monitoring.
  • The service will place a network call restriction on any phone number with suspected fraudulent usage.
  • Access restricted for calls to high risk destinations.
  • Your maximum liability will be £500 for fraudulent call charges in any one hack.
  • A Maximum of £10,000 compensation as a credit against calls fraudulently made on a OneBill Fraud protected telephone account in any 12 month period.

This service is provided free of charge to HBP members on the basis that Dataphone take over the management of your lines and calls from your existing supplier. It won’t cost you any more than you are currently paying but will provide you with the security that Dataphone are safeguarding your business from phone fraud.

To take advantage of this offer please contact our Customer Relations Team on 0208 498 8700
and they will be happy to discuss it with you.