If you’re looking for a new telecoms supplier for your school, then the chances are you’ll start by requesting quotes from three different suppliers. With recent cuts to already stretched budgets, schools are under more pressure than ever. So, of course, it stands to reason that your choice of telecoms provider will depend on the price you are quoted. But is cost the only factor to consider?

Save time

As a busy school business manager, you don’t want to spend any longer than necessary looking for the right supplier. That is why it makes sense to choose an education specialist.

Choosing a supplier who has been pre-approved by recognised bodies in the education sector gives you peace of mind and saves you the time it would take to check your supplier’s credentials. Can all of your shortlisted suppliers provide references from multiple schools?

“Recommended by NASBM. We called some schools in Dataphone’s brochure and got excellent feedback and a competitive price” – Holland Park Primary School

With our wealth of experience in the education sector, we are uniquely placed to advise you on the best system for your school.

Save money

Of course, ensuring best value always will be a priority for school business managers. The more you can save on expenses such as utility bills and telecoms, the more budget you’ll have to spend where it really counts: the pupils. An education specialist supplier will understand the pressures you are under to stay within budget, and will work with you to find the most affordable solution.

Dataphone’s new Cost Neutrality Programme enables your school to purchase a brand new telecoms system without additional expenditure. Our popular FixedPrice lines and calls bundle includes calls to both national and mobile numbers, so that you always know how much your bill is going to be.

“Cost comparative without cutting corners – would and have recommended to other schools” – Broadford Primary School

If you’d like to find out more about how Dataphone will help you to improve your school’s telecoms with zero capital outlay, then get in touch with one of our education specialists today and Challenge Dataphone to do better for your school.  

Avoid inconvenience

Any disruption to the school routine makes everyone’s job harder. You don’t need us to tell you that everyday is busy in your school. The last thing you need in the middle of a busy school day is an engineer making a racket and disturbing lessons, or the health and safety hazard of cables strewn across the corridors.

“Brilliant, tidy worker, engineer became ‘part of the school he fitted in so well.” – St Peter C of E Middle School

An education specialist will understand the unique challenges you face as a school, and will work around you so that the school day isn’t disrupted. At Dataphone, we’ll happily carry out any installation or maintenance work at a time that suits you and your staff and pupils.

All of our engineers are DBS checked, so they can be on school site at any time that is convenient to you – without the inconvenience of needing to be supervised.

“Dataphone listened to our specific requirements and delivered exactly what was required with minimum disruption.” – St Martin’s C of E Primary School